lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Welcome to GEEK QUIZ!!!

Do you like comic, manga and Role Playing games? Did you enjoy reading or watching The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? Then, maybe you are a GEEK. Now it's the moment of knowing it. Play with our GEEK QUIZ, the app for the Geeks and Nerds. You have two different options: GEEK QUIZ LITE and  GEEK QUIZ PRO, with these characteristics:

-Ads: the LITE version has ads on it. The PRO version is free of ads.
-Questions: more than 600 in the LITE version, and more than 1400 in the PRO version.
-Levels: 4 levels in the LITE version and 10 in the PRO version.
-Lives: 7 lives in GEEK mode and 9 lives in NORMAL mode in the LITE version. 9 lives in GEEK mode and 11 lives in NORMAL mode in the PRO version.
-Combos: get more points if you answer several questions right in a row.
-Strikes: 1 strike in the LITE version and 5 in the PRO version.

Yes, you read it well. GEEK QUIZ isn't a stardard trivial. Get the secret strikes and use them to get more points when you answer the questions. And there are more secrets to discover in the app, do it and enjoy playing GEEK QUIZ.

GEEK QUIZ require these permissions: Network comunication, your personal information and phone calls. These permissions will allow GEEK QUIZ to upload your score to the world ranking and check with your friends who is the GEEKest of you.

Download the LITE version

Download the PRO version

Our facebook page: GEEK TRIVIAL FACEBOOK

And if you don´t have an Android or Blackberry phone, download this emulator and enjoy it for free in your computer!!! 

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