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MERP PEX Experience calculator

Hi there! Thank you for downloading MERP PEX, the Middle-Earth Role Playing Player Experience calculator. With it, you will finally be able to calculate player's experience points without the use of a calculator or consulting any tables. The rules for figuring out experience points are the same for both the First Edition (red, #8000) and Second Edition (black, #2001) MERP rule books, so you can use this app for whichever version you use. It is useful for up to 10 player characters up to level 25 experience. Let's take a look at it!

First -- and only once -- you need to fill in the names and experience points for each of the players. As you use MERP PEX in the future, the experience points will automatically be updated. Notice that the level of each character will be automatically calculated with the data introduced, so it is important you fill in the data correctly. For each adventure, select which characters participated, as it is possible some players from the previous adventure were not included in the current one. Then press the "Save characters" button at the bottom of the screen to continue.

After that, the system is pretty simple. In the upper part of the screen, you'll establish the number of criticals and victims for each level. For example, Haldreth delivered one A critical to a level 2 Orc, killed a total of three level 2 Orcs, and also killed two level 5 Orcs. First, press the up arrow underneath the "Level" label until it reads "2." Then press the up arrow underneath the "A" label until it reads "1," and press the up arrow beneath the "Victims" label until it reads "3." The numbers in the display should read 2-1-0-0-0-0-3. Next, press the up arrow underneath the "Level" label until it reads "5," and then the up arrow underneath the "Victims" label until it reads "2." The numbers in the display should now read 5-0-0-0-0-0-2. Please note, the order in which you enter the numbers is not important as the counters remember what number was entered for each character.

For magic it is even easier. Simply press the up arrow until you get to the "Level" of spell cast, and then the "Amount" of times it was cast.

For Movement Maneuvers, use the arrows to input the number of times a maneuver was successfully completed for each difficulty level. For example, Chandra managed to complete two medium, one extremely hard and one absurd Movement Maneuvers. After they are input, the display should read 0-0-2-0-0-1-0-1. Please note that the table goes from Very Easy ("Eas") to Absurd ("Abs") as Routine maneuvers do not give any experience points.

Next, use the slider bar to indicate the importance that the character had for the completion of the objectives.

Finally, manually input in the box the total of any experience points earned by the loss of life points as well as any extra points earned. You will need to remember the number of experience points earned for each critical received, as they need to be input here as well: 100 for an A, 200 for a B, 300 for a C, 400 for a D, and 500 for an E critical.

You have to notice that for simplicity I haven't given the possibility in MERP PEX of reducing experience points when a character kills a sleeping foe, so you can place here the experience points you consider fair for that reason.

When everything has been entered for each of the characters, just press the "Group" tab and complete the experience points for traveling and for finishing the adventure. Next, press the "Calculate PEX" button to get the results. If the players are not around, you may want to write down the number of experience points each character earned so you can tell them later. Finally, press the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen and MERP PEX will store everyone's experience points for the next time you use the app.

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